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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Automated VA and PT tools provide report and remediation

  • Attack IQ
    A decision support platform that delivers continuous validation of the enterprise security controls so its can find the gaps, strengthen the security posture and exercise incident response capabilities
  • XMCyber
    Provide the ultimate APT simulation & remediation platform, acting as a fully automated purple team, enabling organizations to continuously identify all attack paths to their critical assets and receive prioritized actionable remediation
Security Information & Event Management

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Real time detection for breaching, attacking, and suspicious activity

    A SIEM product that collects and analyzes logs from various devices. It is mainly focused on information protection products (Firewall, IDS, IPS, APT, WAF, etc)
Threat Hunter

Threat Hunter

Threat hunting tools

  • TXHunter
    TXHunter is threat hunting product that focused and iterative approach to searching out, identifying and understanding adversaries internal to the defender’s networks
Identity Access & Privilege Session Management

Identity Access & Privilege Session Management

Secure server and infrastructure by organized user authentication and authorization

    HIWARE used to manage policies and privileges for access to the device or company assets
Database Security

Database Security

Database protection enhance customer's trust

  • Petra-DB Access Control
    The PETRA is a DB access control solution, which can control unauthorized users’ DB access. It provides access control that is suitable to various enterprise environments using three kinds of configuration modes, and the memory-based DBMS developed by SINSIWAY can apply the control rules at the high speed
  • Petra-DB Encryption
    The PETRA CIPHER protect privacy information through column-based encryption and perform encryption/decryption at a fast speed using C language-based module
  • Petra-File Encryption
    The PETRA CIPHER is a DB encryption solution that can manage precious privacy information safely through secured key management and column-based encryption. It can also strengthen security through inter-working with database access control solution PETRA


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