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Cyber Intelligence Platform
  • Forensic / Response
    Supports Network Intrusion Detection, Forensics and Anomaly Detection
    - Active threat analysis that collects and analyzes L2 to L7 information such as sessions, protocols, and transport files from traffic,
    - ThreatFlow-based threat analysis in rapid traffic and detailed traffic analysis based on PCAP / file,
    - Snort-based detection policy support, ThreatFlow-based statistical calculation and anomaly analysis to identify traffic trends and APT attack detection.
  • Cyber Investigation
    AnonTeam to Conceal and Protect the Cyber Investigation Resources
    - Through AnonTeam basis Tor, VPN prevent exposure the cyber investigation.
    - Ensure networking speed and multiple connections by using in many pc raspberry pie and mini PC .
    - Showing the anonymized status of user IP, IP country information, usage of traffic etc.
  • Training
    CSI’s Security will discuss and assess the training needs of your organization and design training courses to match the needs in order to maximize the return of your investment. The courses are developed by experts in the relevant field and they are designed to accelerate productivity and facilitate adoption of Security solutions quickly and efficiently.
  • Honeynet
    Attack traffic collection and analysis system Trapnet.
    A system for constant response based on "Honeynet" for suspicious targets and initial hacking attempts.
    Established a successful system based on CSI' rich experience of building a honeynet / honeypot and infringement information processing technology.
  • Protection
    CounterWatch protects all your devices connected to internet.
  • Monitoring
    Provided system for Joint investigation committee regarding privacy related cyber crime.
Anti Hacking
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management System)
    A multi-dimensional classification system which can search and browse documents by combining various classification viewpoints
    Version management in which the amended documents created in the process of collaboration can be managed in consecutive orders and can be recovered anytime as the revised contents of the documents are recorded
    History management in which it is possible to easily trace to find who did what and if problems occur such as amendment or leakage of documents.
    Access management by users and departments can be controlled indiscreet use of information.
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management)
    Document SAFER is the solution to protect the leakage of information asset in various organizations. It was tested and approved its compatibilities by the various security solutions and business applications.
    Document SAFER provides file encryption and decryption which is produced various office application and circumstance.It provides the function to protect the leakage of contents in document and secure the client operation.
  • DLP (Data Loss Management)
    Suite of technologies aimed at stemming the loss of sensitive information that occurs in enterprises across the globe.Centralized management,Manage and monitor DLP, Secure USB, Anti-Ransomware feature central policies.
  • DB Security (Database security)
    The leakage of personal information continues to increase, and damages from data security incident are rapidly increasing.
    D'Amos offers encryption for customers using major database providers such as Oraclke or SAP, making it that much easier for business and coporation to encrypt their files.
  • NAC (Network Access Control)
    is an approach to computer security that attempts to unify endpoint security technology (such as antivirus, host intrusion prevention, and vulnerability assessment), user or system authentication and network security enforcement.
    Simple installation and structure, No need to make any changes on existing structure.
  • IAM (Integrated Identity & Access Management)
    Implementing the top-tier security management based on integration of identity management and privilege session management
    Not only identity management but also controlling authorities to access systems and do jobs through the concerned account is required for stronger and efficient security. If identity management and access control solutions of HIWARE are established together through integration, the authorities to access the systems and do jobs by user account are given and accounts and authorities are automatically managed based on unified policies and processes so that threats to security will be eliminated and efficiency of system security management will be improved.
  • Mail Security
  • Mobile Device Lock
    Smartphone remote control to inform leakage prvention and control. manageable app-based security solution.
  • Anti Voice Tapping
    illegal eavesdropping and secret recording prevention system
    Due to constantly increasing illegal wiretapping and secret recording techniques, The loss of confidentiality of corporations and institutions is leading to social and national losses.
    Smartphone, Smart Device, Recorder, Laser ,Pen,Mouse, USB various types of
    illegal wiretapping and recording equipment.
  • Smart Keeper help user to avid
    Data Breach Prevention, Where systems may malfunction leading chaos in Telecommunication infrastructure, Power plants, traffic control system, Military, police, intelligence agencies, Manufacturing facilities
    Virus Penetration Protection, Companies or agencies that handle, save personal information such as Financial institutions, Government agencies, Data centers, Infrastructure information.
  • Data Locker
    DataLocker offers a full range of encrypted hard drives to meet a variety of usability and security needs, including FIPS 140-2 certification and super speed USB 3.0 interface to SSD options and central management capabilities. The DataLocker H350, H300, H200 BIO, H100, DL2, DL3 & DL3FE offer unique features to fit any security need.
  • Penetration Test
    A Penetration testing, or Pen-testing, emulate attacks by both outside agents and insiders exceeding authorized access that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the system’s features and data. Pen-Testing Services can help determine whether a system in customer is vulnerable to attack, if the defenses were sufficient, and which defense (if any) the test defeated.
  • ICS/SCADA Security
    Therefore the SCADA system is more exposed to bigger risk than normal IT infrastructure. These risk can be connected to cyber warfare and cyber terror that can cause huge accident. That’s why we need to think about which point of SCADA system has the problem and how to secure the SCADA system
    Trainees will learn the components and architecture, latest threat information, and how to pen-test ICS/SCADA system. Actual field devices and ICS/SCADA simulation will be utilized to teach zero-day vulnerabilities found on ICS/SCADA related product and how to find zero day vulnerabilities.
  • OSINT & Cyber
    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis for Passive Reconnaissance which is a term used to refer to the data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context. In the intelligence community, the term "open" refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to sources covert or clandestine).
  • Cyber Espionage
    Malware is an adversary's tool but the real threat is the human one, and cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering those flexible and persistent human threats with empowered and trained human defenders.
  • Bug Hunting
    The number of user-land exploitation countermeasures significantly outweighs the kernel protection solutions. Due to the complexity associated with exploiting user-land vulnerabilities (ASLR, NX, Fortify, RELRO, etc.), OS( Windows, Linux, Unix) kernel with its huge publicly available codebase has become an appealing target for exploit developers. A successful exploitation of a kernel vulnerability allows attackers to elevate privileges bypassing any user-land protections and exploit mitigations. This course teachers common kernel exploitation techniques on modern Linux distributions. It is designed for students already familiar with user-land exploitation who want to play with the heart of the OS and gain fundamental knowledge required to develop reliable and effective kernel exploits.
  • APT & Malware Analysis Training For
    Cyber Threats and Type of Malware
    Malware Techniques (Anti-Debugging, Anti-Disassembly, Anti-Virtual Machine, and etc.)
    Malware Detection Techniques and Set up a Sandbox & Analysis Lab Dynamic Analysis of Malware that Targeted Financial Industries Static Analysis of Malware that Targeted Financial Industries Malware Analysis that Targeted ICS/SCADA System.
  • Cyber Forensic & NSOC
    The course focuses on the knowledge necessary to expand the forensic mindset from residual data on the storage media of a system or device to the transient communications that occurred in the past or continue to occur.
Security Operation Center
  • Design and Implementation
    The security operation centers are designed to exert optimal performance equipment considering specific purposes and characteristics of various devices and interface in the SOCs. The scope of each SOC will compose of infrastructure, physical security, information security, organizational structure, and operation.
  • Technical Transfer
    In order to strengthen independent system operation capability and maintenance technology proficiency, a dedicated team consisting of engineers that directly participated in project execution and experts from each vendor will be put together to carry out technology transfer.

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