Along with the transformation of the company into a world-class digital telco company, Telkomsel launched Telkomsel Smart Office (TSO) at Telkom Landmark Tower.

Offices that adopt the smart and modern office concept with a more dynamic work environment, provide a new atmosphere that can support the improvement of employee performance in innovating and providing the best service to customers.

The President Director of CSI Kim NamHee said, "The 'smart office' concept prioritizes collaboration between humans, the connectivity process and technology. Through the creation of a flexible and dynamic work environment, it is expected that the presence of TSO can improve the performance and productivity of employees, so that Telkomsel can produce more innovation and provide better service for customers.

Telkomsel Smart Office (TSO) is located at Jl.Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta. This TSO is the representative office of Telkomsel . The digital atmosphere can be seen starting from Integrated Smart Office Management Platform, intranet access and wireless internet, meeting room management service, the availability of various multimedia services to support work as well as open rooms and employee work desks.

In the TSO area there are also large and small meeting rooms equipped with multi-media facilities for employees to be more comfortable in conducting socialization and education.